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Belt conveyors for material handling and transport

For nearly every application there is for a shredder or a grinder, there is a need for material handling and transport conveyors. The simple belt conveyor is by far the most

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used component for transporting chips or shredded materials into or out of shredders and grinders.

We manufacturer Belt Conveyors in many different widths and in any length needed. Whether a simple and short horizontal belt conveyor, or an inclined belt conveyor with adjustable legs. With a metal detector or without. With a magnetic head pulley, or an overhead magnet or without. With slats, or chevrons, rough textured or smooth.

Please note; We are not a mass manufacturer and suppliers of conveying and material handling equipment, but rather a custom supplier of conveyors, typically sold only with any of our size-reduction machines, or complete lines. Certain specialty applications will be considered. Call for details.