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The ultimate document destruction shredder

The ZTLP.doc shredder by ZENO is a low noise, low speed shredder which can be batch-fed. Meaning; a large volume of paper can be dumped into the unit’s large hopper at one time, using front-end loaders, self-dumping hoppers or whatever you have.

A pusher ram in the bottom of the hopper pushes the material into a solid steel rotor that is covered with ZENO’s unique cutting tool & anvil system. A screen located on the other side of the rotor ensures that your documents are destroyed to an exceptably small size. Not only are they completely destroyed, the pieces, already in a state impossible to reconstruct, are thoroughly mixed up. The ram automatically cycles and all functions of the ZTLP.doc are programmed so that once filled, the unit requires no supervision of any kind.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then a video tells the story. See for yourself how easily and thoroughly a ZTLP.doc destroys a Hopper full of private information. Click on one of the pictures below for a short video of our document destruction shredders.

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