Shredder & Grinder Components

Our low noise low speed single-shaft rotary shredders are available in over 80 standard sizes & configurations! Each can be equipped with many different components depending on the application. The rotor shown above is typically used in the plastics industry but is also used anywhere thin, pliable materials are the norm (such as veneer or plywood). This rotor, like all ZENO rotors,  is solid steel and available in 15”, 18”, 21”, 27”, 31” even 47” cutting diameters! Outfitted with the 4 sided cutters slicing through serrated anvils, our cutters are bolted to steel tool holders wZTLP Replaceable driveshafthich are inset into specially milled pockets, then bolted directly into the rotor for maximum support where it is most needed. (No welded tool mounts here!).  We do offer our patented and exclusive adjustable anvil  system for this rotor type.

With long-term, real world service in mind, ZENO has developed this far-advanced shaft design to further compliment our virtually indestructible solid steel rotor. Should it ever be necessary, the precision fit, bolted-in shafts can be easily exchanged with no cutting or welding.

Once loaded into the hopper of the shredder, the material is fed into the rotor by a hydraulic ‘pusher-ram’. On a ZENO machine, the movement of the pusher is controlled through a PLC unit in the control panel. Monitoring the amperage draw from the main motor, the ram reacts by slowing, stopping or even reversing direction to prevent the machine from stalling. The user has the ability to adjust the settings depending on the envir onment.

Ram assembly ZTLP Ram and Bearings Ram Assembly


Corrugated RamWe use high quality roller bearings to guide our precision ram tables. Vertical load bearings as well as guide bearings help the ZENO ram move inside the ram guides which are metal, and reversible. TRam Assemblyhis is the strongest and most reliable ram & ram-guide system available on any shredder and does not jam or UN-track.

 Zeno carefully fabricates every ram table to be as tight as possible so as not to allow unwanted movement or jamming. In cases where very thin materials are used, these rams are corrugated top & bottom to keep anything from being squeezed underneath. In case where liquids might be involved, we can tilt the shredder towards the rotor!

Pillow block bearingDepending on the application, the shredder might be equipped with these machined steel, pillow block bearing housings, to prevent abrasive dust particles from entering the bearings. The bearings themselves are SKF double-tapered roller bearings which are the sturdiest most dependable bearings on the market.

Flange BearingFor less abrasive material applications, the ZTLL series grinders will be equipped with the machined steel, flange-mounted bearing housings, providing all the support you will ever need. Whatever the housing, you can bet they are machined steel on a ZENO Grinder. No cast iron bearings are used on any ZENO machine.

GearboxThe drive train transmits the power from the main motor to the rotor through a carefully calculated and properly sized gearbox, providing the huge amount of torque necessary for optimum grinding conditions. The gearbox also limits the noise levels to less than 85 dbA. Our gearboxes are rated at 3:1 over the motor power provided in any given application.

Gear SafeOn units which are 47” & up, these gearbox are outfitted with a spring loaded device attached to the torque arm, to limit the movement of the gearbox beyond acceptable parameters. If the gearbox moves beyond the preset limits of this device, the power from the motor to the gearbox is immediately disconnected.

Electric PanelEvery ZENO machine is equipped with a state-of-the-art control panel, which can be delivered in 230, 460, or 575 Volt service. A PLC units monitors and controls all functions of the shredding process. All safety elements, contactors, timers and fine-tune relays are installed. Optional soft-start devises, conveyors and amp-load interlinks for secondary granulators are also available.Optionally, your control panel can be equipped with a touch-pad control system available in black & white (TP 170A) or in color (TP 170B). For full control of your ZENO machine, a complete HMI graphics interface panel can be installed (OP 170B). Fully programmed, this unit can include the complete operators manual, a troubleshooting guide, parts lists, temperature and amperage gauges, cutter hours, machine hours, the works!

Adjustable anvilOffered as an option on every ZENO shredder, our unique and patented device; The Adjustable Anvil System. On a typical shredder, as the cutters begin to wear the clearance between the cutters and the anvils (or ‘bed-knives’) is increased. This lowers the throughput capacity, decreases the life of the cutter, and increases frictional heat & power consumption. Our patented system consist of two threaded adjustment stations on either side of the unit which allows the user to constantly maintain the tightest possible clearances between cutters and anvils, thereby increasing the cutter life by 4 – 10 times, maintaining consistently high throughput capacities between cutter changes, while avoiding frictional heat and lowering the overall power consumption of the unit. This function is done from outside the machine and can be achieved in under 10 minutes in your best suit!

Drop down anvilSome shredder manufacturers offer  a drop-down anvil devise – But only ZENO offers a self-cleaning drop-down anvil system! This optional device immediately rolls out to release foreign material from the grinder before it can cause damage. Once released, the anvils roll back into position offering the truly self-cleaning effect.

Hydraulic screen openZENO shredders are equipped with one-piece, heavy gauge hardox steel screens available from 3/8” up to 4”. Standard machines use a hinged front panel, with the screen bolted directly to the frame. Where frequent screen changes our clean-out is necessary, consider the optional hydraulic screen! With a touch of a button, the entire front panel and screen open to allow full and immediate access to the rotor.

As you can tell, there are many reasons to choose a ZENO machine over any other shredder. Too many to cover here. It is for this reason, that you might think that a ZENO shredder will cost more than a similarly sized but lesser quality machine. I am pleased to inform you that we have made price a none issue. Call us today for a complete for a complete application analysis and full machine recommendation and quote.