Material type Separation, size separation, even density separation

Separation equipment covers a wide range of products and we have them all. Size separation is the separation of particles like wood chips or plastic flake, when a specific particle or chip size is required, or to separate materials from the material stream that are already the correct size and can be evacuated from the material stream to lower the system requirements on the downstream system components.

Density separation can also be accomplished in many ways and once again, we have the solution. This is typically done by separating according to a the specific gravity of specified materials. These is done by air or by liquid using a variety of methods. According to what you want to do and what it is your dealing with, we can recommend the proper component to accomplish this task.

Type separation can only be done by hand unless you have the Autosort system from ZENO. The autosort component can be found in sorting lines where you must separate materials which might be closely related. Like PE & PET. We do manufacture complete and automatic sorting lines.

Metal Separation can be achieved in a number of ways as well. Density separation can accomplish this, but an easier way is with good old fashioned magnets. Overhead magnets & Magnetic head pulleys in a belt conveyor are two ways to separate (but only) Ferrous metals. Nonferrous metals are a little harder and a little more expensive to separate, but we do have all these available.