Plastic Separation by water "swim/sink"

Since more than 10 years TLT is engaged with the separation of secondary plastics. A technology has been developed which serves as a procedure for the separation of solid plastic waste on the basis of difference of density, which is able to separate plastics even with smallest differences of density. The technology is protected by patent-law worldwide.In addition to the separation technology special fluids with densities > or < 1 g/m3 have been developed as media for the separation of plastics according to it's specific gravity. The fluids are neither harmful to the environment nor the plastic material.

Mixed plastic waste can be re-used only in a few fields. A prerequisite for a successful re-usability is the separation into the different pure fractions of plastics, which have their consolidated markets. The financial proceeds and the variety of usage depend on the purity - and thus the quality - of the separated plastic fractions.TLT separation technology has been evolved to one of the most successful and most effective separation systems. More than 160.000 mto plastic waste annually are recycled through systems in Germany alone. The TLT separation technology shows convincing economic results and is very space-saving, having a floor-requirement of only 15 m2. A trouble-free integration into existing swim-sink systems is quick and easy.

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