The Original low speed, high torque shredders are only available from Eurohansa, Inc. There are many different manufacturers offering these types of machines today, but there can only be one original. Although they might all look and operate about the same, the real differences are in the details that can make or break your machine’s longevity. The ZENO Low Noise Shredder / Grinders are the culmination of 25 years of manufacturing and application experience.  Our low noise low speed single-shaft rotary shredders are available in over 100 standard sizes & configurations! Each can be equipped with many different components depending on the application. While often copied – no manufacturer can match a ZENO Low Speed Shredder.  ZTLL cutter

The ZTLL uses a rotor with a unique cutting tool and anvil system. These two sided cutters are made from a mild steel with hardened tips that are angled on both side to allow a true cutting angle. This cuter is cutting the material against straight anvils. Typically used in Pallet and other wood applications like MDF or Particleboard grinding, these cutters can be re-tipped with a hard-welding rod and reused for many, many years.

ZTLL rotorEmbedded and bolted directly into the rotor, fit tightly within precision milled pockets of the solid steel rotor lend the strength where it is needed most. At the anvils. There are no tool mounts used in the ZTLL series machines. Once one side of the cutter is used, simply unbolt it and turn it around, re-bolt it and go. 

Depending on your application, we will recommend the proper type of grinder (shredder) you need to size-reduce your particular materials quickly, efficiently and with the least amount of required maintenance or supervision. Whether the ZTLL or the ZTLP series, this type of grinder (shredder) is being used in every recycling application. Depending on your volume and chip size requirement, we will recommend and quote the proper size and properly equipped ZENO grinder. Here are some of the more common sizes available from hundreds.

ZTLL 100

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