No more crosscutting. Totally destroy documents

When most people think of panot destroyedper shredders they think of the type you might purchase at your local office supply store. It shreds individual documents into in perfectly rectangular lines of paper.  Industrial Paper Shredding is basically the same, just on a much larger scale. Crosscut shredding has been the way of the Document Destruction and the paper shredding industry for a long time. But that was then. Now there is a much more secure way to destroy potential harmful and always personal information.

Documents when crosscut can leave some very telling information completely in tact. Even when cut through a second pass, this sort of shredding leaves behind information easily discernible. The straight cut lines from crosscut paper shredding also leaves documentation  fairly easy to piece back together, especially since these types of shredders do nothing to mix up the strips. And suddenly; your private information can be used to rob you of your identity or worse!

To totally destroy Office Documents, the ZENO model ZTLP.doc Single Shaft Shredders are the most reliable and efficient method of document destruction available!

Turn this....
Turn this...

into thisinto this!

As a member of NAID, Eurohansa, Incorporated now serves the entire paper recycling and document destruction community. Whether you are a large company in need of a small shredder for in-house document destruction, or an industrial paper recycler in need of a more secure way to destroy documents, we have a machine to suit your particular application. Call us today for a free evaluation and quote.