The Original low speed, high torque shredders are only available from Eurohansa, Inc. There are many different manufacturers offering these types of machines today, but there can only be one original. Although they might all look and operate about the same, the real differences are in the details that can make or break your machine’s longevity. The ZENO Low Noise Shredder / Grinders are the culmination of 25 years of manufacturing and application experience.  Our low noise low speed single-shaft rotary shredders are available in over 80 standard sizes & configurations! Each can be equipped with many different components depending on the application. While often copied – no manufacturer can match a ZENO Low Speed Shredder!mt_gallery:My Image gallery

Outfitted with the 4 sided cutters slicing through serrated anvils, our cutters are bolted to steel tool holders which are inset into specially milled pockets, then bolted directly into the rotor for maximum support where it is most needed. (No welded tool mounts here!).  We do offer our patented and exclusive adjustable anvil system for this and ever other rotor type.

This cutting tool & anvil system is used to size reduce all types of materials from plastic purge to film, paper & veneer, wood scrap, plywood and even pallets. This rotor & cutter style like all ZENO rotors, is solid steel and available in a variety of rotor diameters to cover the huge spread of different applications.

Shredder sizes are measured & judged by their widths. That means the rotor length. The longer the rotor (the wider the machine) the more throughput that machine is capable of. The only way to increase the throughput capacity in a low speed shredder is to increase the screen area. The only ways to do that are to lengthen the rotor (larger machine), or to increase the rotor diameter. Below you see two pictures of the same size machine. The one on the left is a ZTLP 47, the one on the right is a ZTLP 47XP. The difference is that the one on the right has an 18” diameter rotor, while the one on the right has a 27” diameter rotor.

But don’t worry about choosing the right rotor size, or the right machine size, or even the right type machine period! That’s what we are here for. Call us and let’s discuss your application. When we know what types of materials you will have, the volume, the chip or particle size you will need etc. we will recommend the proper type and size machine for your application. Here below are 9 examples of more than 100 available sizes.