Like conveyors and various other components used in the recycling industry, there are a variety of specialty types of material handling equipment used in conjunction with our size-reduction machine.

Our Bundle Feed Systems and cutoff doziers used with the horizontal grinders are two examples. For Vertical shredders and grinders a similar help for material loading is available.

The Box-Dumper is used where self-dumping hoppers may not be available or practical. Some applications bring material to the size-reduction machine in boxes and crates. To help in loading such containers, we offer the Box-Dumper

These are available in many styles, but the most used is a floor model. A steel constructed holding bay accepts your box or crate that is loaded and locked into place. Push a button and the hydraulic cylinder lifts off, then arcs over your conveyor or the hopper of your ZENO Shredder or grinder. Once the contents are emptied, the box is brought back down where it can quickly be replaced with a full box of material. These units can be loaded at floor level, or installed with a 72” base to be loaded a little higher up with a forklift. This saves on the upfront cost of the unit. Take a look at the video of an operating Box-Dumper by clicking on the one of the video links

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