Granulator Granulators are used to size-reduce scrap and waste into very small particles. In the plastics industry, the most common and most typical type of granulators found throughout the industry are knife-style machines, which are being hand-fed.  More and more, this industry is looking to us, the shredder manufacturers for a unit to run in concert with the granulators, which allows the user to batch-dump entire Gaylord boxes of scrap instead of hand-feeding one piece at a time. The shredders are also allowing users to re-claim product that they couldn’t before, like purging scrap. Once the low speed, high torque shredder has reduced the scrap to a 1” - 4” piece, the materials are being conveyed into the traditional granulator for further size-reduction to the specified minute size. This eliminates a full time feeder, allows for the size-reduction of parts which before – were being thrown away, and saves a lot of wear-and-tear on the knives in the granulators. Here at Eurohansa, Inc. we are happy to couple our Low Speed Shredder with any granulator on the market. In some cases, we are installing our shredders in-front of existing granulators, or we can work with the granulator manufacturer of your choice on a brand-new line.  We can even include all the granulator controls in our shredder panel for automated easy control from one central panel. To regulate the flow from the shredder to the granulator and to prevent overloading the secondary machine, ask about our Amp-load Interlink Device! Eurohansa, Inc. sells and services most major brands in one complete and automated size-reduction package. For a comprehensive evaluation and full-line quote, call our experienced customer service department today.

Zeno ZHMOr, perhaps you would be interested to learn about a new type of high speed granulator that offers over 6000 hours of service before a tool change is necessary! Introducing the ZHM & ZSM by ZENO.  Our patented system and revolutionary design has been well received in Europe, where recycling is a way of life.  Now offered to the North American market, the ZENO model ZHM & ZSM are available to you through Eurohansa, Inc. 

Zeno ZsmThe 40” diameter solid steel rotor is equipped with special bar-type cutting devices which cut against anvils located on either side of the rotor. By reversing the direction of the rotor, both sides ZSM Rotorof the cutter can be utilized without any maintenance operations, resulting in up to 6000 hours of tool-life depending on the materials.  For unprecedented protection, your granulator can be equipped with ZENO’s patented, Self-Cleaning, Drop-down Anvil System.

Sophisticated engineering by the best in the business allows us to equip these units with many patented features and cost-saving advantages, such as hydraulic screen draws. This allows the user to quickly clean-out any foreign materials that the automatic, drop-down anvils have released from the material stream.  Hydraulically operated screens and hoppers are also available.{multithumb}


Zeno SystemZeno System