Storage silos and moving floor or live bottom silos & buffer bins

With so many different applications involving so many different volumes, materials and uses, ZENO manufacturers every conceivable component for any recycling application. That includes storage silo’s and special hoppers. In the above example, a ZENO model ZTLP 80 Shredder is grinding wood waste. Discharging the material into a ZPS Sifter which take the acceptable & required chip size by a TKF chain-driven Scraping Conveyor, into this 250 cubic yard silo. The silo incorporates a moving floor (also called a live-bottom floor) which is a series of heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders equipped with paddles which move the material out of the silo and into a discharge auger.

We custom build silos and storage bins to meet your specific requirements. Maybe you just need a surge-bin (sometimes called surge hopper or day-bin) to hold and release material to a production machine like an extruder. These buffer silos allow you to continue processing an preparing material for the extruder without over loading it. These buffer bins or surge bins can be square, like shown here, or round. They are usually
Sutge binsdischarging by auger, some run directly through the bin, while the round ones typically have an agitation arm in the bottom which moves the material to an auger outside of the bin.

If yours is a standard application for grain, feed, or material of that nature, we may not be the right choice for you. But if you have to store alternative fuel sources like plastics & wood, or perhaps your capacities are such that you cannot find anything standard available, contact us for an application analysis & quote.