Dual Shaft

Zeno dual shaftA ZENO Dual Shaft or Twin Rotor Shredder is being used here as a pre-breaker in a wood application. Typically, the dual shaft systems are used in the tire industry as well as construction & demolition, in conjunction with other processing steps.  The dual shaft machines are being replaced in most other industries, with the single shaft shredders, where you have much more control over the out-coming material size. Where necessary, rely on ZENO for your dual shaft pre-breaker needs. These heavy duty machines are powered by two main motors turning through extra-heavy-duty gearboxes to provide tremendous torque to the dual rotor system.

dual rotorsdual shaftUnquestionably, ZENO’s cutting tool system is the most solid & reliable system available, offering easily maintained and exchangeable cutting devices. Special combs keep this system free of tangles and jams during the powerful crushing and shredding process.

ZENO offers the dual shaft units in several different sizes to meet the demands and expectations of our customers.  Complete layout and system designs are available for stationary or mobile units.  For construction & demolition debris, forestry, and other cumbersome, hard to process waste and scrap where pre-breaking is necessary, you should consider the ZDV Twin Rotor Breaker. Call us today for a free, comprehensive and reliable recommendation on your specific application today.