Pneumatic conveyors

Grinders and shredders often rely on conveyors to transport size-reduced materials, but often this is done pneumatically using a Blower Fan, Piping and a Cyclone Separator. In the wood industry, our Grinders and shredders connect directly to an existing Dust Collection System, while in the plastics industry, these collection units are typically free standing and discharge materials into gaylord boxes, buffer bins (silos) or directly into extruder cram-feeders.

We deliver any size unit that might be needed depending on the applications (which are endless). Almost every type of material we can size-reduce can be transported pneumatically. Depending on the material size, density and volume, height & distances are calculated to determine what size fan will be needed and what size piping used to accommodate each situation.

If you have a dust collection system to hook directly to our shredder or grinder let us know, we will deliver the unit equipped with a trough and discharge ports to match your piping. If you need a freestanding unit with your new shredder or grinder, tell us. We can quote the system you need.