A common problem is the one that involves long strips, edgings or profiles that are not coming off of just one piece of production equipment, but are bundled or carted from all over the plant. Likewise, when scrap & waste involves long materials as well as short ones. To remain cost effective, Bundle feed loaderscrap/waste should not be handled more than absolutely necessary. ZENO overcomes these loading problems with the ‘Bundle-feed Loaders’ and the Vibrating & chain-driven Dozier Hoppers.

A centralized horizontal grinder sized to accommodate scrap from all over the plant meant that bundles of profiles, strips * edgings had to be brought over and then hand fed into a horizontal machine or placed into the vibrating infeed table of the hog. Not anymore! We can equip your unit to receive entire bundles of PVC profiles, edgings or rips with our Bundle Feed Loader! Simply drop your bundle into the ample trough, cut & pull the banding and let this chain-and-slat driven unit feed those strips, Dozierprofiles and edgings automatically!

Another common problem is having all those strips, but lots of small scrap too. And everybody knows that batch-dumping onto a vibrating conveyor never works. If you have a lot of long stuff, but you also collect smaller scrap from all over your plant, you Dozier hopper inclinedmight consider this vibrating dozier! This unique system connects to the infeed conveyor and shakes the material into the trough for a controlled feed of batch-dumped materials.

For large volumes involving lots of end trims and cutoffs, we have a special hopper designed to hold and move enormous weights. The Chain-Driven slatted floor in the bottom of this hopper moves the perfect amount of material out and drops it into the vibrating infeed conveyor of your ZENO Horizontal Grinder. Or other ZENO components as in the chip sifter pictured here. 

If you have a problem, we have a solution. Select from the videos below to see how these labor-cost saving components will work with your ZENO Horizontal Grinder

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