Single or Dual Shaft industrial Plastic Shredders, Wood Grinders & Recycling Equipment

office locationZENO GmbH has been designing, developing and manufacturing industrial recycling equipment for the past 50 years. Eurohansa, Inc. services all industries worldwide and has been the only source for this world-class machinery in the U.S. and Canada since 1988, making Eurohansa the most experienced shredder company in North America, under the same name & ownership.

The Zeno manufacturing facility from the airTogether we provide the recycling industry with the most rugged machines and technically engineered solutions for today’s demanding industrial recycling and reclaim applications. We offer every type of size-reduction machine from the original Low Speed Shredders and Grinders to Horizontal Grinders & Shredders. Whatever your material, volume or recycling application, we offer a machine or system to suit your needs.

Size reduction, infeed and discharge coveyorsWe offer a full compliment of components too.  Conveyors in all types, shapes & sizes, Separation equipment, Sorting systems and Bulk storage silos, etc. Whether you need a single machine or a full-line recycling plant. With thousands of installations worldwide, and the most experienced engineering and system design team at our disposal, we will deliver results that far exceed your expectations.  

Turnkey installation, metal removal and dust extractionPlease contact us at your earliest convenience.  Whatever your recycling application, regardless of the material types or volumes, we would welcome the opportunity to recommend and quote what is needed.  There are those in our field who will try to sell you whatever it is they have in stock.  We guarantee that whatever equipment we recommend and quote will be properly selected based on your application parameters, not our inventory.