Metal detection equipment and metal separation equipment

There are a number of ways to remove metals from the recycling material stream, and there are different metal types that should be considered. Eurohansa, Inc. will help you make the necessary determination for which type(s) and where metal separation units should be included in your processing stream, depending on your application parameters.
Overhead magnet
Recyclers bring in materials from the four corners and more often than not, metal contamination is buried inside the bales, boxes and truck loads of material. While our shredders can handle any metals that are softer than our cutting tools, (which are very hard) it’s impossible to tell what types and sizes of metal contaminates you will be faced with. In these applications, it’s always a good idea to use trommels screens, sorting lines, magnets and /or metal detectors to free the materials of potentially damaging metals before the material gets into your downstream equipment.

For manufacturers that are reclaiming there own scrap materials in-house, the risk is much less, if nonexistent. Usually the manufacturing in-house reclaim applications will know if there is a chance for metal contamination and what that contamination might be. Like a pallet manufacturer or a pallet recycler knows the main problem is ferrous. Therefore; magnets are sufficient to rid the wood chips of all of the nails.

Magnets are used to separate ferrous contaminates, while metal detectors and rare-earth magnets and the like must be used to separate nonferrous metals. We do offer all types and configurations of metal detection and removal components for any application. We will be happy to review your application with you and recommend the proper method of equipment protection and/or clean material reclaim you might need.