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For over 30 years – ZENO horizontal grinders have been in service in sawmills, furniture, particleboard and plastics plants, in more than 40 countries all over the globe. Because you demand the very best in quality and service for your plant, EUROHANSA, INC. offers you the ZENO Horizontal Shredders!

ZMTHL 720 620 (Cantex)infeed ZMTHL 720 620 (Cantex) Infeed Gear motorsVibrating infeed conveyors transport the scrap into the infeed unit of the machine. The sturdy infeed system on a ZENO Horizontal machine consist of 2 – 8 infeed rollers which are all gear-driven. These serrated (hard-faced) rollers grab the material and bring it into the solid steel rotor which will incorporate one of four different cutting tool systems. All systems cut against corresponding anvils. Not the screen. 

The ZMTH-L is the low noise, low speed version of the Horizontal series. Four sided cutters are used in this case. These effective cutters can be turned 4 times before they need to be Zmth-L Rotorreplaced. Inserted into specially milled pockets, the cutters are bolted directly into the rotor, and secured with just one bolt, making change out or turning the cutters extremely fast and efficient. 

ZTH Knife RotorFor high throughput volumes and an extremely clean cut, the ZTH series can be delivered with this heavy-duty knife rotor. The ZTH rotor (as with all Zeno machines) is solid steel, and can be equipped with 2 or more knives which can be re-sharpened many times before they need to be replaced. Easily accessible and exchangeable, this is one of the favorite machines in the industry!!

ZMTH RotorIn applications involving abrasive materials, or where there is a high risk of ferrous contaminates, the ZMTH cutting tool system offers long-life, and excellent service. Mounted and bolted directly into a solid steel rotor, these cutters can be re-tipped and reused, over and over again.

ZTH-L inserted cutter systemThe plastic series units incorporate the diamond inserted tools which slice through a serrated (corresponding) anvil unit. Used particularly in the plastics industry, these indexable cutters are hardened steel tools which are bolted to steel tool holders. These holders are then inset into specially milled pockets and are bolted directly into the rotor itself. 

Zmth-L infeed & gearboxFor low noise, low speed applications, ZENO reduces the speed of the rotor by increasing the pulley size in order to slow the speed to around 400 rpm, or through a carefully sized, carefully calculated, heavy-duty gearbox, which reduces the speed to around 110 RPM. While the first is much less expensive, only the second truly results in low noise operation, actually lowering the noise level of the unit to less than 85 dbA.

Horizontal anvilEvery ZENO Shredder/Grinder can include the patented Adjustable Anvil System! This unique system allows the user to adjust the gap between the cutters and the anvil units which is generated as the cutters incur wear. This always provides optimum cutting conditions, resulting in consistently high throughput capacities, a clean cut with less horsepower requirements and extends the normal life of the cutter by two to three times!

Horizontal panelFor fully automatic operation, your ZENO Horizontal Grinder are equipped with a completely wired control panel, containing all electrical elements, disconnects, contactors, starters and amperage controls. A completely programmed PLC unit controls all the grinding functions, including infeed-control, so that you never have to worry about a jam! Beware!. Some manufacturers will quote their horizontal units at a very attractive price, and sometimes it’s to late before you realize, that you did not get a control panel or maybe even a motor! EUROHANSA,. INC always includes these very necessary components with every quote.

For high & low volume applications, we deliver the very best solutions in the industry. This not only includes the horizontal grinder line, but also the low noise, low speed grinders. ZENO manufactures fully automated, full-line recycling systems for any type of waste reclamation facility. From vZTH tree chipperertical & horizontal shredders to trommel-screens, conveyors, augers, sifters, silos, sorting plants and drying lines. All equipment offered by ZENO is manufactured by ZENO and is available in the U.S. & Canada through EUROHANSA,INC. in High Point, NC.