Automatic detection and sorting units


Optical sorting is done by this ultra-intelligent component called the auto-sort. These units are employed in our Sorting Systems to distinguish one material from another - automatically. The more different materials you need to separate, the more of these would be needed throughout the line.

The Autosort can detect HDPE from PE for example. Once two different materials are detected, our Wind-sifting ability takes over and separates these materials by air into different chutes.

Lets follow the PET line. Now that this line is made up of only PET (bottles lets say), you want to separate the bottles that still contain liquid, from the empty ones. Another Autosort machine is installed to do that for you. Then further, to separate a PET bottle with it’s cap (usually a different material) from the ones without and sor forth like that until you have one pure product coming out the end.

Of course there is much more to a sorting system than the Autosort machine - But for automatic sorting stations, nothing beats a few of these unique machines. He is a short video of an Autosort section in a huge sorting facility installed by ZENO

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