Material separation by air induction


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Wind sifting falls under too separation classes. Size & Density. In the case of sorting machinery and equipment, optical sorting is done by the “Autosort” component which tells one

type of material from another. Like paper from plastic, or PET plastic from HDPE plastic. Whatever materials are being separated at this particular station has certain weight densities. Once two different materials are detected, blasts of air from below, or sometimes suction from above, separates one material from the other.

In a case where materials might be the same, but one piece is smaller (and therefore lighter) than the other, size separation can take place by the same means.

ZENO provides it’s wind-sifting technology to all areas of recycling, supplying everything needed from piping and cyclone separators, but also the blowers or motors and the expertise it takes to calibrate it all as to the wind speed or suction needed at any given point in the operation.

Here below are a couple of videos in different applications involving our wind-sifting technology.

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