Metal Detectors & separation equipment for Recycling Industry

belt with built in metal detectorThis belt conveyor is designed with a built in, under-the-belt metal detector to detect ferrous as well as nonferrous metals. This particular conveyor (pictured) is used as an infeed conveyor to transport materials into a shredder (grinder), but is also used between a grinder (shredder) and a secondary size-reduction machine. .

The tubular steel frame is a very heavy and solid deign, using adjustable legs to accommodate different discharge (drop) heights. This unit can be built any length or width and inclined to 30°<. The Metal Detector is housed in a fiberglass section flanged into the length of the conveyor. As materials pass over this Metal-Detector, a single is sent to the shredder panel when any type of metal is detected.
Fiberglass section

We build this unit to suit your circumstance. So there are two ways to handle detected metals. You can detect the metal and program the system to stop the line entirely while an operator searches material on the belt and manual sorts out the metal, then restart the line. This takes time and effort, and stops production, but can be very effective with no lose of materials.

Or we can incorporate our air-actuated automatic separation flap. This device is told when to open by a single from the metal detector. Once metals are detected, this flap drops down for a calculated amount of time, releasing a portion of material containing the metal contaminates to drop out of the stream. Once a given amount of time passes (very short), the flap automatically raises back into position and the material stream continues it’s normal course.