Chip size classification sifters

Sifters like the ZENO ZPS three Tier Sifter are used in a variety of applications. A ZPS sifter would be employed in a material stream where a very particular chip or particle size is needed. The incoming material is sifted into three classifications in this case.

SifterThe ZPS sifter using three tiers has screens with different whole diameters on each tier, with a discharge chute. The materials would be collected from each chute, all going to different destinations.

The first tier would have screen holes with the diameter of those wholes allowing the acceptably sized chips or particles to pass through along with all of the chips and particles which are too small to be acceptable. The second tier has screen holes smaller than the end-user has deemed acceptable. Therefore, the materials that are two large remain on the top tier, the ones that are too small pass through to the bottom tier, and all the materials that are acceptable remain in the middle. 

The oscillating  movement of the ZPS sifter is produced by a counterweight underneath. As the sifter shakes and oscillates, the chips are moved around and the sifting is accomplished as described.

Each tier has a discharge chute of it’s own and deposits the chips or particles into different directions, usually onto conveyor, or into an auger or bin. The acceptable material heads towards it’s final destination and the ‘fines’ (chips that are too small to use) are discarded, while the ‘overs’ (everything that was too big) usually gets routed back into the size-reduction machine like our ZTLL Grinders to be reground and begin the journey again. See the videos below for a better understanding of our ZPS sifter. Available in several sizes for a variety of materials and throughput capacities.

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