Trommels screens or Rotary sifters. Rotary Trommels




ZENO manufacturers many different sizes of Trommel Screens for a variety of different applications and reasons. These units are invaluable as baled breakers or for separating garbage and materials for instance. They can separate heavier materials like chunks of steel also.

But one of the main goals for a trommel screens in your recycling system is to sift out the smaller stuff at the beginning of the line, so that your downstream equipment can be sized to handle only the volume of material that has to be sized-reduced.


Trommel   Trommel   


A good example for this would be in a process application for screen-rejects. Screen-rejects are coming out of the Pulpers in a paper mill, which includes plastic and strapping and other materials indigestible by the pulpers. These screen-rejects can be used as an alternative fuel source, but must first be processed. Say you have a volume of about 3 tons of this material per hour. But 20% of it is already small enough for your purpose. Screening the material with a Trommel Screen takes that 20% out of the material stream, so your Grinder (or shredder if you prefer) only has to be sized for 2.5 tons instead of 3 tons.

Check out the video link below to see a Zeno Trommel Screen in the above application.

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